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When I think about what makes me happy, the obvious good fortunes come to mind first. My health. My family. My community. Equally high up on that list of what brings me joy is also being surrounded by beauty. Colorful landscapes full of lush greenery and bountiful bright bouquets of blossoms literally make me giddy.

When I’m in the presence of an exquisite environment, whether it’s natural or woman created, I just can’t get enough of the feeling that it brings to me. I’m all about creating inviting environments that make you want to linger and relax for a long time.

One of my pure joys is entertaining. Gathering family and loved ones around a beautifully designed table to share a healthy and scrumptious meal is something I’ve been creating for most of my adult life. From intimate birthday dinners or Saturday friends get-togethers, to more extravagant Holiday festivities, it is truly a task I relish.

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