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About Robyn

Malibu Table Maven

Meet The Maven

Robyn Ritter Simon has been entertaining family and friends for as long as she can remember. She learned to be a skilled hostess by mirroring her mother, who was without a doubt the consummate hostess with the mostess. A well curated table is an art and an appreciation Robyn holds dear, as there is nothing more important than making your family and friends feel welcome when invited into your home.

Why Save the China & Crystal? Bring Out the Good Stuff!

While gathering around a table is a function first and foremost to eat a substantive meal, the glorious one off of this social experiment is to connect. To share your thoughts, ideas and opinions. It is a wonderful opportunity for us humans to bond and, according to me, it should be done as beautifully as possible. I’ve never subscribed to the thought that we should “save the china for special occasions". A special occasion could be a Sunday night dinner when all your children are home. Or a midweek al fresco dinner during the warm summer months. Or a girls gathering to celebrate friendship. I have never “saved” my crystal for the “right” occasion. The right occasion is when you invite people you love into your home to share a fruitful meal and gather at your table.

So let’s treat every meal as an opportunity for meaningful connection and let’s make the experience as luminescent as possible.

Join with me to design your next celebration with a personally curated tablescape that will bring you joy and surely have your guests gasping when they take a seat.

Guess Who's Coming for Dinner?

So your partner says “Oh my gosh” my boss and colleagues are coming for Saturday night dinner! First you panic imagining how you’ll pull off an entertaining experience that shows you’re sophisticated, but still fun outside the office. You survey your kitchen cabinets and realize you don’t have a full set of 8 matching or even not matching plates that aren’t chipped and you certainly don’t have all the accoutrements that go with building out a stunning table. Well, relax. We’ve got you covered.

Whether you need to tap into our inventory or you have grandma’s fine china in a box in the garage that you’d like to finally dust off, or you don’t know how to make it all work, we’ve got you covered.


Malibu Chamber of Commerce

Robyn is a Board Member of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce www.malibu.org


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