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Our Styling Services

Malibu Table Maven

So what do our styling services include, you may ask? Check out the lists below that feature highlights of what we offer, but the possibilities are endless!

  • Our In-Home Tablescape Services Include but are Not Limited to:
  • We canvas your dining space and suggest the best layout for the occasion.
  • We source rentals if needed.
  • We deliver all items and pick up all cleaned items the following day.
  • We don’t just drop off your dinner plates, we style an entire tablescape including surrounding entertaining areas, such as the bar, pool decks, patios.
  • We design and provide all fresh florals.
  • In addition to china, stemware, and flatware, we provide linens such as tablecloths and napkins.
  • We source talented caterers that use only the finest ingredients.
  • We don’t offer cookie cutter designs. Every styled tablescape is custom, therefore price is based on the level of decor detail.
  • In-home curated tablescapes start at $60 per person.

Our Luxury Beach Picnic Services Include but are Not Limited to:

  • We secure a prime ocean view beach location for your picnic, arriving hours before you do to reserve your spot.
  • We provide wooden picnic tables, fringe umbrellas, table runners or table cloths, linen napkins, china or melanite dishware, stemware, utensils, fresh floral arrangements, and personalized signage.
  • We source food and beverage vendors.
  • We work with a handful of talented photographers that we can source for your picnic needs.
  • We also work with the client for unique experiences; such as bringing in a musician or an artist for personalized sketches among other custom entertaining options.
  • Luxury beach picnics are custom, and prices are based on per person and decor details.

No matter what the occasion is that you’re celebrating, the Maven and her team can execute your vision!

Do you have a project for us? Feel free to get in touch.

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